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Camp Perry

The Camp Perry model for automatics is offered by Herrett's for those who prefer a stock without the heel flare. Manufactured in Herrett tradition of fine quality, this model is Made-To-Measure to your hand and for all automatics in this web site. The positive hand position and return to proper sight plane gives you complete control of your weapon in the field or on the target range.

Made to measure to your hand Gives complete control of the weapon and is well designed for combat holster.
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This is a very popular version of our "CAMP PERRY" stock where the thumb rest has been removed and both sides balanced for left or right hand use. This Made-To-Measure stock gives complete control of the weapon and is well designed for combat holster use. The above has special split pattern checkering. See price list for special checkering. It is usually available only in a select grade of American Walnut. For Figured Walnut and special checkering see the price list. Weight 8 ounces. *There are specific requirements needed when ordering automatic target stocks. So please read the instructions carefully.

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