Jordan Trooper Gun Stock

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Finger Grooved Trooper
Positive finger placement. Controlled finger depth.
Single Action Trooper
Double Action Trooper
High thumb rest Trooper
Single Action Ruger
Ruger Single Six, Hawkeye, Blackhawk, and Super Blackhawk above numbers 1500.
Single Action Colts
Colt Single Action Army and Buntline Special.

Jordan Trooper
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Used and recommend by many law enforcement officers and fast draw specialists. The "JORDAN" is highly recommended for field shooting in heavy caliber such as the .44 Magnum. It has shell extraction only on the left side and has slight palm swell depending on right or left handed shooter. Comes smooth finish only. On request, all trooper stocks can be made with an open back. Available for all Smith & Wesson, Ruger Double Action, and Colt revolvers on this website. There are a lot of special rules when ordering a revolver stock. So please read carefully the instructions on the revolver page. Weight 8 ounces.

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